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Class Schedule - Beginning February 2009


Adult Classes:

Wheel Throwing

(For Beginners & Intermediate Students):

Mondays (6 classes) 6:30 - 8:30 PM

February 8 - March 15


Tuesdays (6 classes) 6:30 - 8:30 PM

February 9 - March 16

Cost: $90 (6 classes)

Instructor: Aaron Blackwelder


Tile-making, Handbuilding & Wheel Throwing

(other techniques by request)

(Open Studio For Beginners & Intermediate Students):

Wednesdays 9am - 12pm

Start anytime and continue for 12 weeks ($145)

Work on projects of your choice with or without instruction.

A master ceramics artisan will be on hand at each session.

Instructor: Doris Petersham

Children's Classes:

Introduction to Clay (ages 5 and up)

Mondays (6 classes) 5:15 - 6:15 PM

February 8 - March 15


Tuesdays (6 classes) 5:15 - 6:15 PM

February 9 - March 16

Cost: $45 (6 classes)

Instructor: Aaron Blackwelder



Open Pottery & Ceramics Studios


For adults who would like studio time to work on their own projects with or without instruction. Cost includes 25 pounds of clay, glazes and firing. Start any date, work on the project of your choosing. A master ceramics artist will be available during OPEN STUDIO time. Call the Guild at 336-835-2717 to reserve your space.


Open Studio Wednesdays! from 9 - 12 PM

For Beginners & Intermediate Students $145 for 12 classes

****Start anytime and continue for 12 weeks****


Take Your Group to Clayworks for some Fun!

We would love to create a fun learning experience for your Youth Group, Moms' Morning Out, Birthday Party, Scout Troop...whatever! Contact us about customizing a Clayworks experience for you!



is located in the newly renovated section of the Elkin Recreation Park's maintenance building on Front Street. Thanks to the Town of Elkin and the Surry County Commissioners, the new clay shop has a bright and shiny face of white walls with tons of posters illustrating many facets in pottery and ceramics. The town of Elkin has provided approximately 2,500 sq ft of renovated space and the commissioners have added essential new equipment to that which has already been provided through the mentor apprentice program by the Golden LEAF Foundation. The work shop now boasts 10 wheels, a new heavy duty slab roller, two size clay extruders, two kilns (a 10 cu ft and a 19 cu ft) and numerous other items to make a fun and rewarding clay experience for any one attending classes. Hundreds of hours of planning and volunteer work have gone into the creation of the new studio. Clayworks is anticipated to be the first of several more media studios offered by the YVCG in glass, metal, wood, fiber, and photography, as time and funds permit. Photo setups will be available at Clayworks for members of the YVCG to photograph their work professionally in a cube in preparation for digitizing.


CALL: (336) 835-2717 or EMAIL: crafts@yvcg.org

10% discount for Guild members


1. Beginning ceramics for novices - simple shapes made to understand the nature and properties of working with clay. Many variables exist; however, with a few simple techniques to approaching clay, the beginner can make some very exciting and useable objects. Both hand-building in a simplified way and introduction to the wheel are offered in this course in order to allow the new learner to understand the logistics and make a decision where their interest lies for completed projects. This is a 12 week course and will only offer fundamentals to expose the learner to the joys (and sometimes failures) of clay. A beginning wheel course and a beginning hand building course at a bit higher level will follow this introduction. A 12 session course of 3.5 hours each is recommended to become familiar with the media. Class is 12 sessions/6 weeks Cost is $76 Begins in May (call for details)

2. Beginning ceramics in hand-building - this course will explore the many avenues that hand-building may take. Actually, hand-building is very sophisticated if managed in the proper way. It has much more potential than throwing on the wheel and can be mastered in a shorter period of time if pursued properly. Anything from architectural ceramics to fine art may be explored in this media with this technique. It allow the artists to manipulate a media in untold numbers of avenues...the imagination is the only limit given once the material is understood and one learns to work within media parameters. As one advances and learns to use the wheel, combinations of hand-built and thrown objects are extremely exciting. A 12 session course of 4 hour each duration is recommended to become familiar with the media and techniques of hand-building. Class is 12 sessions/6 weeks or once a week for 12 weeks Cost is $135

3. Beginning Wheel Throwing - this class will introduce the beginner to making utility forms on the wheel. The wheel is a very useful tool to make many items for production, however, it is not an easy skill to learn. Once learned, it becomes natural and easy, but beginning students normally take a considerable time to learn very well crafted and good designed pottery. It is just a skill, it is what one does with the thrown pot that makes it art or just another utilitarian object. A 12 week course of 4 hour duration each is recommended to become familiar with the media and the wheel....do not expect to become proficient in 12 sessions on the wheel...we will introduce some basic design concepts for ceramics in this class in order to make your understanding more complete. Class meets once a week for 12 weeks or twice a weeks for 6 weeks Cost is $135

4. Intermediate Hand building - further exploration into more techniques for hand-building after the beginning class. Firing of kilns and some glaze technology will be introduced in this course. Further design awareness concerns will be discussed. Class is a 12 session course; duration of 4 hours each. Cost is $140

5. Intermediate Wheel Throwing - further practice and more design awareness of shapes and forms will be explored in this class. Since practice, practice, practice is the key to this skill, more independent work will take place. Firing of kilns and some glaze technology will be introduced in this course. Further design awareness concerns will be discussed.. Course duration recommended 12 sessions consisting of 4 hours each class, twice a week. Cost is $140

6. Introduction to Production Techniques - This is a course for advanced potters who are comfortable with their throwing and hand-building techniques as well as the particular clay body that she/he is using. Once you have mastered form and function in your ceramic wares and want to produce multiples, many unique techniques that are tried and true will be taught to the potter who wants to go this route. We can advise and assist in your production and try to make marketable connections. Class offered as demand is requested. Cost is $150 First 50# clay is included Cost per additional for clay & glaze & firing is $34.50 per 25 lbs.; $135 for instruction only with personal clay, shop glaze and firing (cost per additional firing and glaze is $27.00)

7. Ceramic Sculpture - although some of the above courses may include non-utilitarian works, this class will delve into some of the unique techniques and materials used to make free standing sculpture or relief art for purely decorative purposes. Outdoor sculpture as well as fine small pieces will be explored utilizing appropriate materials for each purpose.

8. Open Studio for advanced potters - a limited number of slots for independent work will be available at normal costing fees for clay, glazes and firing. See D. Peterhsam for particulars on this option

9. Surface Design techniques for clay - this course - many potter have a good sense of form 3 dimensionally, however the surface of a clay object is often ignored. This course will explore the many directions that surface design on clay can successfully be obtained on the simplest of forms. Six sessions of 2.5 hours each will give the student a whole new approach to the work he-she is doing.

Contact us to inquire about taking an above course.


For those persons interested in very specific clay product outcomes, the following courses may be offered depending upon adequate interest, courses will be tailored to the level of expertise of most students as well as times available for the YADKIN VALLEY Clayworks Studio.

1. Bead Making and other ceramic jewelry forms - very simple bead making of multiples will be introduced via a new system requiring some special tools that are used by the YVCG program. The skill required to make these will be taught in the class to those with no experience in clay working. The beads will be total ceramic forms, unique to each person. A bisque firing is first done after drying, then the beads are glazed and then glaze fired. The glaze creates a glass surface on the bead. The techniques on how to achieve this process will be demonstrated in order that one may have their own set up after the class is completed with a moderate amount of investment. A six session course of three hours each is recommended to achieve the anticipated goals. More advanced classes may be offered once this course has proven successful. 6 sessions/3 hours per class Cost is $65

2. Tile making clayworks - tile making for architectural adornment is the aim of this course. Many variables exist in making tiles that are of adequate quality to actually use due to the nature of the material. This course will explore the many techniques of surface design used on tiles, i.e. drawing, relief, stencil, etc. with under glazes. The beginning class will focus on 4x4 inch and 6 x 6 inch tiles in attempting to get them level and accurate. The tile making courses will start with very simple approaches and advance in further classes with more complicated and sophisticated techniques and methods. Three levels of classes will be offered to take the beginner to more advanced offerings. 6 sessions/3 hours per class Cost is $68

3. Wind Chimes Clayworks - the class is geared to those that have completed the beginning novice course and understand how to work with the media. It will explore the many options to complete several sets of wind chimes and understand the technicalities of the construction. The course is recommended to take 6 sessions with 3 hour session. Cost is $68

4. Clay whistles and other musical objects - this class is tailored to the making of forms that will produce sound in a rhythmic manner. Many primitive cultures use this approach and it is a fun exploration of clay. 4 sessions/3 hours each Cost is $58

5. Ceramic Bird houses are nature friendly! The class will explore several different directions to hand-build bird houses and finish them with natural colored glazes. The first novice clay course should be completed for expediency and it is recommended that 8 sessions of 4 hours each will achieve good results. Cost is $100

6. Hanging vases for any where you could use one - indoors or out!!! These will be handbuilt and fired and glazed with either a contemporary or a heritage effect. Your imagination is the only limit to this venture. You may surprise yourself I what you are able to achieve and it is definitely therapeutic. 6 sessions/3 hours each. Cost is $68

7. Ceramic Boxes, both hand-built and wheel thrown in a variation of sizes with multiple surface decoration...make the most elegant decorative piece you can imagine!! 8 sessions/4 hours each. Cost is $80

8. Holiday time decorations, many ceramic items will grace your gift giving and home with special items you can make of clay;, i.e., cast balls to decorate individually, unique hanging ornaments, raku ornaments,...sample of many items for you to choose from to decorate with your own designs will be available...this class will be available from October through November at various times, call for further information 3 sessions/4 hours each. Cost is $55

9. Cups - exploring the cast number of executing a cup from which to drink or one to look at on a shelf!!! The fun of taking such a simple concept and making it into a work of art that may spark the viewer's imagination to broad horizons beyond their normal frame of reference. It may be totally real or total fantasy!!! 8 sessions/4 hours each. Cost is $85

10. Leaf bowls, platters or cups - natural motif forms create unique works that become a reality in your use of the common leaf, be it any species...it has a personality that you will find enchanting to make into a piece you may use for many years or give as a gift. Find your niche in clay with this design motif as inspiration. 4 sessions/3 hours each. Cost is $90

Contact us to inquire about taking an above course.


1. Young children's clay works - for ages 5 to 8... Let your child explore a media that has endless bounds... although we will put some parameters on the object to be made; the options for creativity are endless in clay. Many children express ideas that are not attainable in any other media. Some of my best clay work has come from this age group...as they are normally so uninhibited, one of the secrets to making art!! The attention span of this age group is normally about 1.5 hours and the class is recommended to last for 6 sessions. Most work will be fired and glazed so your child will have a finished product. Class size maximum 10. 6 sessions/2 hours each - Cost is $65

2. Middle age Children Clay Works - for ages 9 to 12... the child in this age group has probably been introduced to clay in school, but not in a way that allows her-him to truly express themselves without some inhibiting outside forces. This class will attempt to set the parameters only to elicit the child's artistic skills in expression of their thoughts without TV or other commercial images. This is a big challenge, but it can be achieved!!! 6 sessions/2 hours each - Cost is $65

3. Teen Age Clay Works - for ages 13 thru 17... Students in this age range have some idea of where they want their lives to go... even if these ideas change in the future... many budding artists are born in this age group as well as those that need an outlet for expression of their selves. Much talent is recognized in this age group and a place to allow this to happen is critical for many teenagers. Let your child explore the media of clay to see if that her/his niche in life or if it satisfies another need that they have in growing up. A 6 session introductory course in hand building and wheel throwing may make a difference in how your child looks at life. 6 sessions/2 hours each - Cost is $65

4. Very young children and mothers cooperate in clay work... at the request of several mothers, this course is being put together to serve a need for expression of both adults and children...working together. For children ages 4 thru 6 and mothers may be any age!!! This will only be mounted if there are at least 6 children and six mothers that are interested in coming together to create in a fun atmosphere making art that can become a unique object as well as experience. This is a first time challenge to allow children to feel comfortable with "mom" while mom learns how to let her child express with the correct kind of guidance. Too many moms put the ideas in children's heads, the child's ideas are often much more exciting than the mom's, we just need to find them!!!! Hopefully, both moms and children can use a show rather than a tell to express both their artistic sides. 6 sessions/2 hours each - Cost is $65

5. Make Your Mom a gift or Make your teacher a gift for ages 7 thru 12, special extruded clay that will be tailored by each child to make a unique vase or cup or tray or other object...this class makes a product that is more sophisticated, but with all the individual qualities a child would perceive for a gift to make for someone else. This class takes the child's thinking beyond her or his self!! The session will be approximately 1.5 hours and it will take two sessions to make, fire and glaze the object...a learning experience that many children need. 3 sessions/2 hours each - Cost is $30. Or 2 sessions/2 hours each - Cost is $20.

Contact us to inquire about taking an above course.

If you see something we have missed (our options are by no means comprehensive) or a new product comes on the market, let us know and we can arrange for a class to teach the requested item if it a possibility.